Sunday, August 9, 2009

Intro to “I Will Survive and Other False Examples of Dramatic Irony”

A lot can be learned from a show like Rugrats, keeping in mind the fact that it is a Nickelodeon show from the nineties and a cartoon incidentally, which spoke the mindset of the current generation (which was figure-headed by extremely socially-aware and intellectually over-developed babies) in more words than goo and ga. One episode in particular presented the cultural internal conflict of a so-called anachronistic music genre, being none other than disco. For a show with a theme song consisting almost exclusively of lullaby-like xylophone melody, the show seemed to be the highest authority on musical popularity. Dee Dee, the so-called “mother-who-knows-best” essentially shits on her husband Stu , the “idiot dad,” for being a closeted disco fan and attempts to sell his Tony Montana-esque leisure suit at a garage sale. Keeping in mind this was a children’s show, for my generation which is now post-pubescent, that was more or less a great example of corporate brain-washing. The Mountain Dew-fueled creative teams behind some of the zaniest children shows starring kids felt the need to do the dirty work of helping to further eradicate a genre that apparently had not faced enough media-reinforced opposition back in 1978 when die hard heterosexual rockers felt the need to stage a coup de etat against the Bee Gees and other contemporaries for fear of sonic procreation (but I thought they couldn’t reproduce?). This is what I get from watching cartoons.


  1. Hey - what a great satirical short essay. I sincerely think you are more intellectual than me, because there are a few things that I need help understanding! I love the way you find enough substance to refer to MY generation in such vivid terms. Keep it up, smarty-pants. Only kidding - great blog. Keep 'em comin'. Right on. Peace.

  2. Oh yeah...I have a new faith in cartoons now. lol